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Enough is Enough!

 Why am I running for Seat 1 of the St. Augustine City Commission?

For almost four years, I have tried to participate in City Government as a citizen. I have made calls, sent detailed emails with suggested solutions, and stood up in front of the City Commission to speak, as many citizens do. I will no longer accept silence or blank stares when I or any other citizens step up with concerns.

 I do not accept the City Manager telling me that I cannot take “no” as an answer when the City Commissioners do not acknowledge or address my concerns.

 I do not accept our voice being limited by the City Government.

 And I will not accept the City Government, City Management, and Law Enforcement standing aside and allowing terrorist threats, harassment, and unlawful behavior toward its citizens and businesses.

 I have had enough of this nonsense.  Have you?

 Let us work together to get the Historic City of St. Augustine back on track with a government that is responsive to and respectful of its citizens.