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Issue 1: Safety and Personal Security in our Community
In the past few years, we have seen an uptick in crime and a lack of enforcement regarding that crime. I will work with the other Commissioners to work toward solutions to this problem.
Children’s playgrounds and parks should not be campgrounds and toilets for the homeless and addicts that are in our community. For years, I have been insisting that the COSA designate an area for the homeless to camp so that our parks can be kept safe, clean, and sanitary.
Before COVID-19, the public areas in St. Augustine were filthy. It took a pandemic to accomplish what I have been advocating for years.

Issue 2:  Transparency and Accountability in our COSA Government
I have requested information over the years from both the COSA and the SAPD. I get the distinct impression that there are things they do not want known because my requests are often ignored or incomplete, as if they don’t feel it is that important for me to have the information I’ve requested.
I also have the very distinct impression that there are many gaps in COSA departments.  When I have had to call for services, responses vary. I receive reports that employees may not be doing the job that our tax dollars are paying them to do. This makes me question supervision. I would like to ensure that the citizens of St. Augustine have the effective and efficient services that we pay City taxes for.

Issue 3:  Support and Funding for the SAPD
For the Citizens, the policies of the St. Augustine Police Department should be clearly outlined (this also falls under “Transparency”). We have the right to have laws enforced and to keep our community safe. However, I am regularly told conflicting information, and I see different actions taken by officers from one day to the next. It is my expectation that rules and policies should be clearly and consistently enforced. For the SAPD officers, body cameras should be standard.  In today’s world of instant information, it is essential to have video evidence from the perspective of the officer.
I would personally like to work with the Police Chief in support of our officers receiving accreditation.

Issue 4: Finally, we are a City with a diverse history, and that history serves as a timeline of our evolution as a nation.
All structures, statues, and memorials should be preserved and allowed to stand. I reject the narrative that the South is racist and that they were traitors. This is a significant issue at this moment for our Historic City.
After witnessing the uncivil behavior from the past few weeks, I am taking the following stand:  If anyone makes threats of burning our City down, using violence and intimidation, or calling me a racist to provoke me to do something that they want, I WILL RESPOND. This is domestic terrorism, and I will do everything in my capability to have the person(s) held accountable.